40 Favorite Things About 6 Months of Marriage

By Maggie Reimherr

Whew! 6 months of marriage have absolutely flown by. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since our March 26, 2016 wedding. We have had a truly amazing first year of marriage so far.

We’ve been lucky to celebrate more peaks than valleys, more joy than heartache, and more fun than I ever could have imagined. At the 3 month mark, I wrote about 10 lessons I learned in those first few months. Now I’m reflecting back on the best parts of the last 6 months knowing the best is yet to come. 

1. Dancing the night away at our wedding surrounded by our favorite people in the world.

2. Feasting on wedding food in the hotel room immediately after our wedding.

3. Our amazing honeymoon in Mexico - my first trip out of the country, reading by the pool for 8 hours a day, and an incident with a glass bottle that luckily didn’t leave any permanent scars.

4. Raising Cane’s as our first meal together upon our return from the honeymoon.

Nothing could ~ruin~ this vacation ☀️

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5. Seeing my favorite band ever, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, as our first married date.  

6. Living room slumber parties when our tiny A/C unit couldn’t cut it and our bedroom was way too hot.

7. Whoever wakes up first on a Saturday morning cooking or going out to bring back breakfast for the sleepy spouse.

Derek gets all of the husband points this morning because he woke me up with donuts and coffee. 😍🍩

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8. Morning snuggles.

9. Bedtime snuggles.

10. All the snuggles.

11. Adding to our already long list of inside jokes.

12. Meeting up for post-work dates in Downtown Boston.

13. Trying and failing at new, exciting recipes only to go out for fast food or use the emergency frozen pizza (it’s a real thing).

14. Derek buying me fast food when I’m sad.

15. Officially selling Derek on the merits of musicals when we saw If/Then in July.

Theater date nights are the best date nights.

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16. Derek selling me on the merits of Marvel superhero movies during the first month or so of marriage.

17. Making Derek see the new Bridget Jones movie because it got a good Rotten Tomatoes rating.

18. Car singalongs to “No Place I’d Rather Be” and “Chandelier.”

19. Watching dumb internet videos together at bedtime.

20. Binge watching...anything.

21. Looking over at Derek during an emotional TV or movie scenes to see I’m not the only one with tears in my eyes.

22. Hosting friends and family in Boston.

Having the best Boston weekend with these friends 🏙

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23. Trying new beers together.

24. Driving to Newburyport, MA for a Saturday of writing and exploring.

Cheers to the weekend. 🍻

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25. Georgia Football Saturdays with new friends in Boston.

26. Dancing at other people’s weddings.

27. Hoping and dreaming about the future together.

28. Talking finances and setting money goals.

29. Finding new shows to watch together. We are loving This Is Us and Designated Survivor so far this fall.

30. Giving each other a lovingly hard time about our individual hobbies. Sorry I like Big Brother, and I will continue to make fun of your video gaming habits.

31. Living in a city far from home, teaching us how to lean on each other and develop a true partnership.

32. Learning the importance of grace in marriage.

33. Lazy weekend days reading books in the living room, just content with sitting beside each other.

34. Supporting each other through the hard parts of young adulthood.

35. Cooking for my husband.

36. Date nights.

37. Always getting a warm hug at the end of a hard day.

38. Double dates with our friends.

39. Starting this blog together and supporting each other’s writing/creativity.

40. Living with my best friend, who also has a contractual obligation from God and country to always love me even in my worst, silliest, weirdest moments.

Here’s to 6 months with you, Derek. I’m glad we chose each other.