You Should Binge Watch Stranger Things

By Derek Reimherr

Last month, we finished Parks and Rec. Maggie cried. I felt an emptiness in my soul.

Just when you think you’re going to have to go into the fetal position to recover, the internet swoops in to save the day. Buzzfeed is a beautiful thing people, and not just because of the puppy videos (like this one). One day, the company’s Twitter account posted this:

Wait, what is Stranger Things? I searched #StrangerThings and had my mind blown. This show dropped on Netflix with little fanfare from my socialsphere in mid-July. Now it’s an internet phenomenon.

I made Maggie sit down and watch an episode with me on a Sunday afternoon knowing only that it’s a sci-fi show (cool for me, meh for her) and that Buzzfeed tweeted about it. So we watch the first episode, and I was definitely digging it.

“Wanna roll into #2?” I ask my binge-loving wife.

“Nah, I’m not really feeling it. Kinda boring, tbh,” she responded, actually saying “tbh” aloud.

“Too bad, Punkin, WE’RE DOING IT,” I announced, because I take my victories where I can.

We proceeded to watch until almost 1 am and then finish the rest of the season the following day. Yeah “boring show” my ass, wifey. She got as into it as I did - I knew she would, too. One of my classic lines (that Maggie hates) is, “I don’t do bad entertainment. If it sucks, I ain’t got time for that.”

So technically, we already binge watched Stranger Things, and now you just have to catch up and get on our level. It’s a show about a couple of kids and a small town dealing with a missing boy and some freaky sci-fi mystery stuff. 

Here’s why you’ll love it and want to binge it, too:

1)   This is literally the opening scene. You can’t watch this and not NEED TO KNOW what tf is about to happen.

2) The show is set in the 80s, a simpler, nostalgic time.

3)   The main boy characters are best friends. And they play Dungeons and Dragons together like the best little nerds in the world. Yes, this is relevant to the plot. Yes, I play D&D, too. No, I don’t need your judgment.

3 Stranger Things.gif

4)   Winona Ryder is in it and goes TOTALLY BONKERS CRAZY.

5)   There’s a scary as hell monster doing some scary as hell stuff.

6)   The internet is fixated on this guy’s hair. I mean, I don’t disagree.

7)   Tertiary character Barb is not impressed with your shit. And all of us want to be like Barb.

8) Because one of the main characters is obsessed with Eggos and I know we’re all like “same.”

9)   Because of Dustin and his hilarity.

10) And finally, at its core, the story is about childhood friendship.

Fellow binge-watchers - what do you recommend for us to watch next? Let us know in the comments or on social!

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