It's Millennial Marriage's 1st Birthday!

By Maggie Reimherr

So today we’re celebrating a birthday - Derek and I published our first post on Millennial Marriage 1 year ago today.

We started for a few reasons:

  • We had stories to tell - like the time I thought I was going to bleed to death on our honeymoon (joking) or the time we almost got scammed out of $3000 in an apartment rental scheme.
  • 2 months into marriage, we'd already found ourselves doling out marriage advice. We’re not experts, but we’re pretty good at being married to each other. If something works for us, why not share it?
  • We’re both pretty good writers, if we do say so ourselves.
  • We'd both tried and failed to blog in the past and thought, “Maybe if we do this together, we'll hold each other accountable to sticking with it.” And so far, it's worked. Admittedly, we've had a few months when we've only published a post or two, but we never jumped ship.
  • This time last year, I was trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life and my career. I was having trouble coping with the day-to-day monotony of my old job, and I needed a creative outlet. I had also wondered if writing/content marketing was a potential career for me. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't what I wanted to do professionally… but it's a whole lot of fun.

And here we are a year later with…

  • 3 brand partnerships under our belt
  • 4200+ Instagram followers
  • 10.7K unique visitors to the site
  • 25.6K lifetime pageviews
  • Newfound expertise in iPhone photography
  • Even more stories to share

We love doing this blogging thing. And we've worked hard so far to get where we are. I can't tell you how many hours we've spent researching what works and what doesn't work for bloggers, how much effort it took to build up our Instagram following, and how challenging it can sometimes be to come up with ideas for quality posts when you're juggling a million other things. One of our biggest lessons this year was that you don’t just start a blog and sit back and go viral. You have to hustle.

 We had blog goals in our first year… mainly “stick with it” and “insta followers galore.” Now that we've done that satisfactorily, we have some more things planned for year 2. Our #goals for year 2 of Millennial Marriage are: 

  • New posts on Tuesday and Thursday... every single week.
  • Growing our social media platforms - especially on Facebook and Twitter - and get more active on those platforms. Shout out to Instagram for being a great platform for us to share pics and connect with readers and other bloggers. (Have you liked/followed us? No? Why the heck not?! Do it.)
  • More advice based on what we've learned so far in our marriage. It's been more than a year, so we’re obviously hella wise now. Joking, but really… we've learned a lot and we’re going to share it.
  • More quality lifestyle content. Travel guides and Atlanta restaurant recommendations? Let's do it.
  • More brand partnerships. Hey travel brands, wanna send us on a free trip? Plz hmu.

Honestly, there are way too many bloggers on the internet. And most aren’t writing anything worth reading. No knock on them - we know as much as the next blogger that doing this is fun, so do your thing! But because there’s such an oversaturated market, you kinda have to love it - there's a one in a million chance you can turn blogging into a career when there’s so much out there grabbing people’s attention. But we also decided in the beginning that while this is for fun, we always want to share stories and advice and thoughts that are a good read. We’re not going to post subpar content just to post. These are some of the posts we’re most proud of from the past year - a little fun, a little storytelling, and a few life lessons...

To everyone who’s stuck with us over the past year - THANK YOU for following along as we try to figure out marriage and adulthood.

Now we want to hear from you… what do you want to see more of from us in the next year? Any topics you'd love for us to cover? Let us know in the comments, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), or in an email!