Reflecting on 2016

By Maggie Reimherr

2016 has been quite a year. It seems like everywhere I go on the Internet, people are blaming the year itself for all of our problems and trying to forget it ever happened. Cool your jets, my fellow Millennials and all you Generation Z kids creating 2016 memes like they’re going out of style. (I guess they are going out of style. It’s 2017 tomorrow.) Although we all faced some ups and downs, we have to look at the good of this year too. Like Hannah Montana once said, “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”

But before we move forward into 2017 and the great unknown that’s to come, I’m reflecting on my own 2016 - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:

  • First and foremost, DEREK AND I GOT MARRIED!!!
  • We’re learning how to be married. I would link to a specific post detailing this, but that’s literally this entire blog.
  • Speaking of this blog… we started Millennial Marriage, creating a space to share about life and marriage and hone our writing skills.
  • I moved to Boston. No more long distance. #Blessed.
  • My dad and I had a wonderful trip up the East Coast to get me to Boston. I will never forget this time I got to spend with him during my last months as a Carter.
  • I started a job at an Ivy League university. 
  • Derek changed careers and now works in marketing - a perfect fit for him.
  • My best gals were all in one place at my bachelorette party in Nashville.
  • I traveled out of the US for the first time for our honeymoon.
  • I watched every single Marvel movie.
  • We purchased every imaginable type of liquor for our bar cart.
  • I learned how to make a really good mojito.
  • I learned how to make really good short ribs.
  • I learned how to make really good iced coffee. No, Starbucks, you cannot have my money anymore. JK, you can still have some of my money because I still don’t have a milk frother to make cappuccinos.
  • We watched fireworks over the Boston Harbor for the Fourth of July. How American is that?
  • A lot of our friends got married, so we were back and forth to Georgia a ton. It was great to be able to see our loved ones so frequently. That’s not the norm when you live a thousand miles away, so we’re grateful.
  • Derek and I found a church and joined a great community group.
  • I figured out how to be a blogger on Instagram. (Hashtag game on point)
  • I read 51 books, and only 16 of them were bad romance novels!
  • We went to so. many. improv. shows.
  • Discovered Chinese hot pot. Now I think about hot pot on at least a weekly basis.
  • Derek and I joined the University of Georgia Boston Alumni Chapter Board.
  • We didn’t get scammed when trying to rent an apartment in Boston because I am so wise.
  • I planned our 2017 vacation, and we got a really good deal.
  • The world was graced with Westworld, Stranger Things, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.
  • I went to New York twice.
  • I’ve learned more about Jesus.
  • I decided to write a book.
  • We found a bar in Boston where we’re now considered regulars enough that the talented, fantastic girl who plays the piano and sings there on Saturday nights knows us by name, lets me sing with her, and *spoiler alert* will be featured on this very blog in the coming weeks. Did I mention that she’s Miss Massachusetts? Yeah, this is exciting.

The Bad:

  • I haven’t started writing the book I decided to write.
  • Due to all of the back and forth to Georgia for weddings and things of that nature, I feel like we didn’t allow ourselves to bloom where we’re planted in Boston.
  • The election was a tough season. I really allowed it to affect my moods in the days, weeks, and months leading up to November 8. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that there are still a lot of unknowns and justified concerns with our president-elect (just check out Twitter from the last few days, folks). I don’t have the answers for how to combat those concerns. So I just pray.

The Ugly:

  • Since this is a marriage blog and we’re talking about both the triumphs and tribulations of being young marrieds… I switched birth controls and spent the entire month of October crying due to hormone overload. Pro tip: if your medication makes you have wild mood swings, get a different medication. (But the good: I switched again and became emotionally stable once more.) ((I’m sorry if this is TMI, but hello, I’m a married woman who is only 24 years old.))
  • I cut my hand and bled profusely on the first night of our honeymoon. *So romantic.*
  • I gained 15 pounds. Working on that.

In writing this, here’s what I’ve discovered: the good outweighs the bad if you let it. I couldn’t think of much bad to spell out here when reflecting on the year because although there were some dark spots, those were overshadowed by so many good things. So bring on 2017, whatever may come. I’m excited for the unknown and love the fresh start that a new year always brings.