RIP Valentine's Day: 2014-2016

By Maggie Reimherr

Happy Valentine’s Day, y'all! Whether you have a Valentine or not, I really think this is a fun holiday. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind (with some big announcements from the Reimherrs coming soon), so I haven't had much time to do my usual V-Day rituals (AKA consuming a bag of Dove chocolates and wearing pink).

We’ll be honest: it's our first married Valentine’s Day, and we don't have a plan. We honestly kinda forgot about it until today. RIP Magrek Valentine's Day. We’re being frugal right now to account for some big expenses coming up, so the idea of a big, fancy dinner is hard to wrap our heads around. Like I said before, we’ve also been B-U-S-Y. I left it up to Derek to make a reservation if we decide to do dinner… and also told him I'd be fine with getting a pizza. Throw in some Cinna Stix and that right there is a great date. Dating your spouse is important, but sometimes, the homebody in me is fine with a date on the couch.

Including today, we've had 4 Valentine’s Days together. Funnily enough, all but one of them have been more relaxed. Derek’s birthday is February 10, so when 4 days later rolls around, we’re kind of tapped out on celebrating. Here's what we've done for the last few years:

2014: College Kids Get Fancy

Let me be frank: I am very dorky. So I was a total dork about V-Day when for the first time ever, a boy wanted to be my Valentine - thanks, Derek. Like he's mentioned before, he's also a romantic, so he was happy to oblige.

I gave him a mat framed photo of the two of us and wrote all the reasons I loved him on the mat. I also bought us tickets to Stomp, which I definitely couldn't afford with my $7.75/hour student job. Oh well. He instagrammed the gifts:

Derek showed up at my door on Valentine’s night in 2014 with balloons and a wrapped gift. I unwrapped the gift to find a Kindle, and my nerd heart sang. On the Kindle, he'd uploaded a PDF love letter because #millennials. It was the first love letter he wrote me… and maybe one of the only? He's not a letters guy. If he has romantic words to share, he's just going to say it out loud.

He took me to a prix fixe dinner at a restaurant in our college town (v fancy), and later we had beers at a bar and went to showing of The Princess Bride at the hipster movie theater in town. We were very young, in love, and happy.

Lovely dinner with my Valentine, @derekreimherr!

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2015: California Dreamin’

For our second Valentine’s Day, Derek lived in California. This was great because it was approximately 75 degrees that day, so we grilled steaks and salmon and had a meal at his house. Downside: he had 3 roommates in their 50s. Yeah, his living situation was weird. Luckily, none of them were around that evening, so we were able to take over the kitchen for food prep and the backyard for grilling. We were newly engaged, so V Day conversation included a lot of wedding talk and discussions about our hopes, dreams, and plans for our future.

Enjoyed the 2nd Valentine's Day with my forever Valentine @derekreimherr. When you can both cook, a fancy dinner sometimes looks this!

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2016: I Think I’ll Go To Boston

Last year, we were both in Boston. Our long distance relationship had recently ceased, and we were gearing up for marriage a little over a month after Valentine’s Day. Derek had flowers sent to my new job, and he bought me a pink fleece onesie. We cooked dinner at the apartment and had a nice, quiet evening.

Valentine's Day came early, so I have pretty flowers at my desk 💝💐

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Looking back, if I had to pick a favorite Valentine’s Day, it would be that first one. Not because it was a big, fancy evening, but because I was just so dang excited to be in love. Now Derek and I get to celebrate this day every year. Even if we don’t get our butts in gear and make a plan for tonight, babe, I’m happy you’re mine.

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments or on social!