The 6 Wedding Registry Items Every Couple Needs

By Derek Reimherr

Because our engagement was long, wedding-related activities had a delayed start. Let me take this opportunity to remind y’all (again) that engagements longer than 9 months feel like torture. I didn’t go on my bachelor party, pick out tuxes, or get to do tastings for quite a while.

So when the wedding registry topic came up, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Who am I kidding, I always act like a kid on Christmas morning...I basically acted like I normally do.

I will say, though, the whole concept of a wedding registry blew my mind. “Wait, you’re telling me I make a bunch of wishlists, and people just buy stuff for me?” Yeah, that’s EXACTLY how it works, y’all. (They don’t mention how you pay it back during your friends’ weddings.)

With our newly adopted, glorious, free-for-all mindset, we took scanners in hand and went to work work work work work. Each store was just another land of registry items we had yet to conquer. Bed Bath N’ Beyond, Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, Amazon...just another notch in our registry scanning belt.

Is there anything more satisfying than literally pointing and clicking at dozens of things you want? Okay, maybe swimming with dolphins, but nevermind that. My internal theme song every time we walked into a new store: “Throw it in the bag” by FABOLOUS ft. The Dream.

It ain’t trickin’ if you got it, right?

Don’t mind me as I get carried away. Anyway, now that we’re married and using all of the super generous registry gifts from our friends and family, I can tell you I definitely have some favorites. Here’s the list of what you definitely need to register for:

1. Bar tools. It’s time to step your game up from whiskey-cokes and vodka-waters. Make some mint juleps, blueberry mojitos, old fashioneds, and Tom Collins, step out onto your patio, and kick back with your adult drink.

2. KitchenAid mixer. Find me a registry list that doesn’t include one of these and I’ll call you a liar. Most people associate these mixers with pastries and sweets. You know what else you can throw in there? Mashed potatoes. I freaking love garlic mashed potatoes.

3. Bedding. At some point you have to upgrade from your freshman year bedding or the same bedding you had in high school. Or you have a future wife that says your “boy stuff” is ugly. Getting married is as good of an excuse as any.

4. Binge Worthy Movie/TV Series. If you don’t own the complete Harry Potter collection already (are you crazy?!), getting it now is a built in 3-day weekend of dates. Or 8 Fridays in a row. We won’t judge. We received the two complete Star Wars trilogies, and I am biding my time until I can deploy a Jedi Mind Trick on Maggie so we can watch it.

5. Taco Racks. Look, it’s all about the simple things. We love tacos almost as much as we love ourselves.

6. A Good Skillet. Sweet potato hash, stir fry, salmon filets...all things you can cook in a skillet. The more versatile (and bigger) the better with one of these bad boys. You’ll be thanking the gift giver on this one for years.

For all you married friends out there, what are your favorite wedding gifts? Let us know!

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