The Bachelor, A Husband's Commentary: Episode 6

By Derek Reimherr

Let's get it started by making it clear: this episode sucked. It was a nice departure from the usual Corrine show. But otherwise, the whining and moping was so irritating. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's dive in.

Hi, Taylor!
Bye, Taylor!

Drama, drama, drama. Corrine is deluded. Nick likes the, ah, assets. So time will tell, right?

Cocktail party, CANCELED. That’s what happens when you make things too difficult (or easy?) for the Bachelor. There’s heaviness in the heart. Beating so fast no one can take it. Literally.

Rose Ceremony:

Who’s safe?

  • Corrine
  • Danielle M
  • Rachel

Who made the cut?

  • Christina
  • Raven
  • Vanessa
  • Danielle L (the Danielle vs. Danielle finals are still in play!!)
  • Jasmine

Say goodbye to:

  • Josephine
  • Jamie (not surprised)
  • Alexis :(

We did not deserve you, dolphin queen.


Christina is really sweet. She has a lot going on that this show probably can’t do justice to. She’s got this athleisure look that ballgown dresses don’t really show off.

Meanwhile Corrine’s at the Marriott like…

“Everyone needs a Lorna. She’s like just as good as Racquel... Hey, um, my dress is wrinkled. Can you help me?”

Back to the date.

Christina was born in Russia and had a tough childhood. It was pretty heartbreaking hearing her story. I’m glad she got the rose.

Group Date

Sorry, Jasmine. Still no 1-on-1. But Nothing else has changed, he’s still obsessed with Corrine.

Raven gives us this gem:

All these girls are NOT feeling the volleyball game and I can’t blame them. There’s no opportunity to be on an even remotely normal date. The whining and crying was pretty stupid, though.

“I don’t wannnna play anymore. This is stupid. I’m done.” Oooookay, let’s just go cry separately on the beach. Super mature move, gals.

Rachel is comin’ at Nick HARD. She is not feeling the group date. And it’s borderline disrespectful and selfish. Actually, it’s just disrespectful and selfish. You knew what you were getting yourself into, ladies. TTSU.

The highlight of this date is definitely the ladies’ reactions to Jasmine’s endless ranting. And Nick reacted the exact same way.

“Didn’t have the best, um, conversation with Jasmine.” YA THINK.

I’m glad that she’s going home. She went borderline cray with that whole “chokie” thing. Yikes.

Good for Raven getting the date rose, tho. She seemed like the only one not crying on the beach.


“Do you hold hands on both sides on a 2-on-1?” - Maggie

Next scene: Holding hands on both sides walking down the beach.

Is it just me or did Nick look bored by Whitney? Idk. He said the right things (“Did you realize you’re actually really beautiful?”), but his body language was...meh. Danielle L and he had a much better connection.

Goodbye, mystery woman Whitney. Real quick, how hilarious was the random bag guy? The tense moment in the ladies' suite...and then this dude in boots and shorts shows up to wheel out the suitcase.

I guess Whitney is being stranded on that beach with a luxurious canopy bed to live out her days. Like what a ridiculous picture of her crying while a helicopter takes off in the background.

Cut to dinner with Danielle and WOW, okay, could he have felt LESS of a connection with her at that dinner table? His mind looked like it was out on a pasture in Wisconsin or something. Bye, bye, Danielle L.

How the heck did we get down to 6 women already?! Nick’s dramatic announcement to them about his fears seemed… unnecessary? Like I said about Rachel earlier, TTSU.

I don’t know about you, but I think the preview for next week was highly unsettling. When you have 6 girlfriends who all know about each other, it’s probably best to hold off on the… err… physical aspect of the relationship. Maggie informed me about the drama that ensued when Nick was on Kaitlyn’s season. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

What do y’all think? Will Nick take the bait with Corrine? Find out on next week’s episode of the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet.

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