Welcome to Our #Millennial Marriage

by Derek Reimherr

Growing up in the South, it’s pretty much expected that you will follow this path:

  • Graduate high school

  • Attend college nearby so you can mooch off of Mom and Dad

  • Meet the love of your life

  • Lock that ish down ASAP

  • Buy a house in the ‘burbs

  • Produce babies

…all by age 25 or so. If you had told either of us a few years ago that we would follow steps 1-4 almost to the T, we would have called you a liar. (Don’t dare put that pregnancy voodoo on us. We don’t have time for that.)

Post grad, I pictured living in a cool, warehouse style apartment in Atlanta with my best friends from college. I anticipated having stacks on stacks to travel and furnish my life as I pleased. I’m pretty sure Maggie had the same ideas.

Source: Zan Ilic via unsplash.com

Source: Zan Ilic via unsplash.com

Unfortunately, Maggie just had to kiss me on our first date. Then once my friends met her, they just had to tell me they would kill me if I ruined our relationship. Next thing you know, here we are married in Boston. How the heck did that happen?

Both of us subscribe to the philosophy of being lifelong learners. We’re constantly reading, listening to podcasts, and seeking advice. In our quest for knowledge as an engaged and now married couple, we noticed something. There are plenty of blogs/podcasts/books about being married with kids and others about being a millennial/twenty-something, but nothing about both. Where’s a guy and gal supposed to go to continue the quest for knowledge?

We started thinking, though. What if we wrote about our experiences? We are so far from having all the answers it’s hilarious, but what if we just shared the lessons we’ve learned?

We aren’t experts on marriage, but being in our mid-20s, we are veteran millennials. Why not write about the crossover between the two?

So if you’re coming here for answers on how to be married, we don’t have them (yet). But if you’re coming here for practical learned-from-experience lessons and our humorous take on life, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to our #MillennialMarriage.