Hey, Y'all!

We are Maggie and Derek Reimherr, affectionately known as #magrek. We’re here to share stories, wins, and failures with y’all and what we learn on our crazy marriage journey. What’s that? You want to know more about us? You came to the right place.


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and later Athens, Georgia. In 2010, I went off to college at the University of Georgia, 10 whole minutes away from where my parents lived at the time. I earned a degree in Communications in 2014 after spending 4 years writing my feelings on Tumblr, watching Netflix, and overextending myself in student organizations. I worked for my alma mater all through college and then for a year and a half post-grad in development until I moved to Boston to be with Derek and work for Harvard. Now I've switched up my career and am an IT recruiter with a small agency in Atlanta. My interests include musicals, chick lit, karaoke, food of all varieties, and binge watching bad TV shows. I can’t live without my journal, and I have the travel bug big time, always trying to plan our next trip.


I was born and raised a Georgia boy from the north Atlanta suburbs. I went to UGA getting two degrees - Communications and Psychology - and moved around with work until I landed at a marketing agency in Boston. Marketing and social media are kind of my thing; now that we're back in Atlanta, I'm working in analytics at a large marketing agency in the city. When I’m not at work, I’m probably playing video games or forcing Maggie to watch “boy” movies. I love a trip to a craft brewery on the weekends and I live for Game of Thrones on Sunday nights. Eventually, Maggie will convince me to spend the money and we’ll sell everything to travel the world. For now, we’re just enjoying life as DINKs.